Picking Seasonal Produce

Here in France children don't go to school on Wednesday afternoons. We pick the boys up at midday, give them lunch, and then decide what to do for the rest of the afternoon. As the weather has been so nice recently last week I decided to take them up for a walk to a house owned by friends to pick some seasonal produce. We walked alongside fields of towering sweetcorn to get to the house and foraged for blackberries along the way. We found fairy hats (acorns,) a big barn full of hay, and waved to farmers passing on their tractors.

Looking for fruit and veg ready to pick is like finding treasure for children. Jacob went for the raspberries and ate all that he picked. Reuben hunted for the longest green bean and was keen to show me the courgette as big as his head. The fig tree was full of green figs which will hopefully be ready to pick next week. We made a whole batch of fig jam from the tree last year which went down well. There were a few green peppers but the fews pears there were had been munched by the bugs.

It's so important to educate kids about where their food comes from. In London the supermarkets played such a large role in our food shopping life. Here the markets make you realise how seasonal food really is and seeing the cows and sheep in the fields leads to interesting discussions about meat (yes Reuben sausages are made from pigs and that burger was once a cow.) Reuben is starting to identify fruit and veg plants from their leaves whilst Jacob is just happy eating anything he finds. Most people like to grow their own produce round here and on walking round our village you can see neat rows of leeks, cabbages and lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes ready for picking, fruit trees dropping their heavy loads and pumpkins growing along walls. We've been given tomatoes, green beans and plums from neighbours, along with pots of homemade jam. Later this week I'll share with you some of the jams and chutneys we've been making.

What produce are you picking from your garden this month?

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