la rentrée

La Rentrée (back to school) in France is a big deal. Before the end of the summer the stationary sections in the supermarkets triple in size. They become overwhelmed with parents and kids filling up trollies with notebooks, pens, folders, backpacks and every other item on their looooong stationary list! Luckily we're not quite at that stage. Reuben having just turned 5 has just started the grand section of maternelle (nursery) and Jacob at 2 and a half has just started in the tout petit section. After a two month long summer holiday of late mornings and even later nights it's been a struggle to get back into the early morning routine. Reuben is slightly more willing to roll out of bed but Jacob, although excited about going to school, when we try and coax him downstairs with the promise of pancakes and choosing his snack for break time, replies with a cool 'maybe later'!

This is the first year that both of them have attended school. Although Jacob is only going for 3 hours every morning, these child free mornings are the biggest luxury and will transform our working life. We're hoping that by Christmas he'll be fully potty trained and ready to start full time in January when he turns 3. It's not like the UK here with endless toddler classes and playgroups to keep them busy. He was more than ready after a year at home with mummy and daddy to start school and interact with kids his age. Being at school is the start of a bilingual journey for both boys as it's where they will get most exposure to the French language. After his first morning Jacob was already calling himself Jah-cob (the French way) instead of Jay-cob (the English way)! It will be interesting to see how their language develops over the coming year.

How have your kids settled back into school?


  1. It must be amazing watching your two turn into little French schoolboys! Theo has just started doing two full days this week and I have just started 5 weeks off university. Suddenly I have so much time!

  2. The three hours when both boys are in school in the morning goes by sooo quickly! But it's good to have some me time back, I really have missed working. Jacob's English language is great but he's started talking jibberish whilst playing which I can only assume is him starting to talk French! Reuben I think knows quite a lot but he doesn't let on.


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