French Music - Christine and the Queens

When we first bought our car it had no radio. After a year of listening to music out of our iPhones and a portable speaker, we made a decision that enough was enough. We bought car stereo and at the weekend Andrew fitted the speakers, et voila, we are back in the world of driving with music! We've been cruising down the French backroads, windows down in the sunshine (no air con in our car!) singing at the top of our voices...well my voice at least.

I love discovering new music and now that we live in France I'm finding more and more French artists on my playlists. The summer was dominated by Stromae and his track 'Papaoutai' which would be played everytime there was a Zumba demonstration (which happens more often than you'd think in this quiet little French village.)

Recently I discovered Christine and the Queens album Chaleur Humaine which has become a firm fixture on my Spotify playlist. I particularly love the track 'Saint Claude'. Listening to French music is a great way to learn the language. It can be easy to sing along once you know the words but it becomes more of a challenge to actually translate them and understand what they mean. I'm making to my challenge to translate Saint Claude! Watch the video if you can as her dance moves are great, which combined with her unique style and smooth voice (she sings in a mixture of French and English) makes her mesmerising to watch.

What's on your playlist at the moment? Does it include any French artists?

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