Crocheting With Wire

Who likes to crochet? I was taught by a friend less than a year ago and it has become a craft I thoroughly enjoy. My first project was a pair of fingerless gloves which I finished in two days. I then had big ambitions to make a blanket with granny squares and...well...I'm still working on it. As the nights grow colder my enthusiasm to finish it has been renewed, but I realise I'm going to need a whole load more of my chosen yarn above and squares to get it finished. (Am I allowed to start another one in the meantime?!) I'm planning to make the whole family hats and gloves for winter, and I want to learn how to make little stars to string into bunting, and clutch bags, and basically everything I've pinned onto my crochet board!

Did you know that you could also crochet with wire? It's a bit of a trek to my nearest good craft shop but it's well worth the trip as the first time I went I discovered wire to crochet with. I watched a video on You Tube for inspiration of what to make and how to do it and decided on a bracelet. It was made to look rather simple in the video and trust me, it's not. It's fiddly and the finished product is far more 'organic' than what I thought it might look like but I love it! So does my mum, who quickly claimed the following two that I made.

The first wire bracelet I made I entered into a local craft competition over the summer and it won first prize! I've since changed the design slightly adding a clasp, and I'm looking forward to a visit back to the craft shop to get some more colours and see what else I can make. In the meantime I'm back to crocheting with yarn and have just ordered myself a signed copy of the lovely looking Hook, Stitch and Give by Kat Goldin to inspire me even more.

What's your favourite Autumn craft?

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