Do You Want to Join my Choir?!

Many of the activities we've been taking part in have now stopped for the summer break. The choirs, basketball, French lessons, and most of my teaching will start up again in September ready for the new academic year. This summer however I'm gearing up for the exciting new venture I announced back in April, that I was asked to conduct a new beginners adult choir for Voices.

Since that announcement I have been choosing my repertoire, which will be a mixture of French and English songs, and recruitment has started. Check me out in the local paper! I'm looking for at least 15 people, both male and female voices as the choir will be split into Sopranos, Altos and Bass/Tenors. I'm hoping there will be enough interest to get the choir going in September.

The last Voices choir concert we performed was part of the Fête de la Musique, a festival of free music which takes place all over France on the 21st June. We sang our repertoire in Villefranche in the 'Chapelle des Pénitents Noirs' which I first sang in with the Parisot choir. It was a small concert which was recorded and here you can listen to Petite Marie, Armstrong, Michele, and Ma Reverence.

If you're interested in joining the new Voices choir in September you can find details here. I hope you'll come join me!

Becky x

Picture of me singing taken from here.

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