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We hadn't really done much research into chicken breeds before we bought our chickens. We'd read the books on chicken keeping and had been given advice from friends and neighbours. But when it came to buying our chickens we went for ones that looked well looked after and that would start laying soon after we bought them. I'm sure that as we become more familiar with our hens we'll learn more about them, but here's a little about the 4 different breeds that we ended up with...

Blacktail - a brown coloured chicken with a black tail. They are easy to look after and lay well. The most interesting information I could find about this breed is that Waitrose use them for their eggs!

Sussex - white in colour with a speckled black neck. These seem to be a popular breed that originate from Sussex. They're good layers that enjoy a free range lifestyle.

Bluebell - a lovely grey colour. A good natured and friendly chicken that is capable of producing a good amount of eggs in their first year. Couldn't find a huge amount of info about this hybrid breed.

Coucou Maran - grey and white speckled all over this is the largest chicken we have. They are apparantly good layers and were originally bred in France. They are not keen on being handled and can become lazy so they need to be kept active!

Please do leave a comment if you know any more about the breeds that we have. If you're looking for info on different chicken breeds there are lots of books and websites such as this one to help you decide which breed might be best for you. Or just take pot luck like we did!

A big THANK YOU to Sara Ward from Hen Corner who helped us to identify our breeds via Twitter!

If you're a chicken keeper what breeds do you have? Which of yours are the best at laying eggs?

Becky x

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