Worldwide Culture Swap - Spain & South Africa

In the last post of our very first Worldwide Culture Swap experience we're going to show you what we received in our last two packages. We've shown you what we sent in our package, and what our first two packages from America contained. Our last parcels came all the way from South Africa and just next door to us from Spain.

From South Africa we received the South African flag, a postcard with some coins attached, wooden stickers that the boys promptly stuck all over their faces! Some Redbush, or Rooibos, tea and an information sheet with traditional recipes. I'm a fan of Redbush tea especially when its combined with other things. I miss my Redbush and vanilla tea that I used to get from Marks and Spencer but here I found it combined with banana and caramel from a local market that was a great alternative.

In the parcel from Spain we were sent pictures of the family and a postcard showing where they lived in Barcelona. There were pictures of their local beach and shells, a brochure and CD all about flamenco, Spanish player football stickers, a Tapas recipe book, drawings from the children, and a book on Picasso (it's never too early to introduce kids to art!) With Spain now just a drive away for us it's great to introduce the boys to a country that we will one day travel to with them. 

I would love for us to take part in this programme again at some point. It is such a fun way to get kids exploring the country they live in and learn about other places around the world. Reuben really enjoyed receiving and discovering the packages. He still carries around with him a little tube of sand from California beach that he received in the very first package!

Let us know if you've taken part in the programme we'd love to hear what you sent and received. If you would like to sign up to the Worldwide Culture Swap programme you can do so here!

Becky x

Culture Swapper

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