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One afternoon I was stood at the school gate waiting for Reuben and I was introduced to a mum who had two children wanting to learn piano. The word was out that I played the piano and so I was asked if I would teach these two children. Teaching piano was not something I had in mind when moving to France but the opportunity had presented itself. We seem to be adopting the phrase of 'why not' for when work finds its way to our door and so I took on my first piano students!

The great thing about Mini Monde is that it has scope to include anything that involves working with children and we can pick up and drop things as we figure out what works and what doesn't. I decided to advertise piano lessons for children on TAG and picked up another student. A fellow choir member who had bought an electric keyboard but never really played it expressed her interest in learning to play, and so I took on my first adult student. I now have 4 children and 2 adults learning, all of varying beginner standards and I love teaching them all!

With the kids I've been using the Faber Piano Adventures and John Thompson's 'Easiest Piano Course'. I also use the Faber books with the adults. I find it a really good programme with books that start at a level suitable for young learners, and work through learning the piano basics systematically, clearly, and in a fun way to keep learners motivated. It's American so some of the musical terms used are slightly different but that's not a problem.

My next challenge is to try and get into schools teaching music for which I have lots of ideas! This will force me to improve my French as well as spread the Mini Monde word, and perhaps encourage some French children to start private lessons.

If you're in the area and interested in learning the piano get in touch!

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  1. What a great challenge to improve your French! You just have to put yourself out there and this sounds like a fun and productive way!!!

  2. How brilliant Becky, so lucky to have a skill you can use internationally. Just one question, are your students French? And if so do you use do re mi or ABC? French music is taught using do re mi and I was taught the English way with ABC so I find it really hard to help my own kids as they talk about do re mi....

    1. I have both French and English speaking students so it's complicated! With the English adults I use ABC. With the kids I have a mix of French and English. I usually do do re mi with the French and ABC with the English though there is one bilingual child that I use do re mi with. I also teach a choir and use do re mi there so I'm learning to use it more. I still have to think about it though and work my way up from 'do' when teaching! I'm going to have to teach both ways to my own kids!

  3. Oh I would love to be able to play the piano! Great example of a portable career! As far as any piano is portable of course ;-) #ExpatLifeLinky


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