Spring in France

Spring in France is turning out to be my favourite time of year. The landscape is turning every shade of green and the wildflowers growing are just as pretty as any flowers you'll find in the markets. Poppies are everywhere at the moment, the delicate red petals complimenting the bowl of seasonal cherries we have and that Jacob can't get enough of (Reuben...not a fan.) Every weekend there are local vide greniers, brocantes and plant fairs. The shops and market stalls that disappeared in the towns after the summer tourists left last year are slowly beginning to return.

The tractors are out in the fields and everywhere there are baby animals running about which leads to interesting conversations with the boys when out on our walks. They're become experts on mummy and daddy cows and animal poo! Our very own chickens are starting to lay eggs as they have relaxed well and truely into their surroundings and take advantage of the longer lighter days.

When the sun shines it's hot! We've had some lovely sunny days which along with the rainfall is helping our vegetable patch to grow. We've had picnics by the lake, and Reuben and Jacob have had their first taste of fishing with daddy. They have yet to catch anything but Jacob is more than happy dipping his rod into the water before getting it tangled around the branches of a tree or himself! The shorts and t-shirts have found their way back into the bedroom drawers and I'm inspired to start sewing my summer wardrobe.

It's so nice to be able to spend more time outside and start planning trips around the local area.
What do you like about Spring?

Becky x

Take a look at our Spring 2014 photo album on our Facebook page for more pictures of this wonderful time of year!

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