Keeping Chickens - Buying Our Hens

Last month our Keeping Chickens adventure started for real as we bought our very first set of chickens! The coop was built, the fence was up, and our neighbours had a bag of corn ready to feed our new arrivals. We had asked around as to where the best place was to buy chickens and most people came back with the same answer...Caussade.

Every Monday morning in Caussade there is a market where you can get your fruit, veg, and just about everything else(!) and there is also a poultry market. Andrew, Jacob and our neighbours headed off early and were greeted at the market by lots and lots of chickens! They decided to go to the stall with the most well looked after hens. We were after 6 chickens of varying breeds, who would be at point of lay soon. Some of them were handled pretty roughly and when your French isn't great and you haven't bought chickens before it's tricky to know what to look out for and what questions to ask. Yes I was gutted at missing out on the chicken buying experience as I had to take Reuben to school and a music class to teach, but I was just excited to greet them as they arrived back home!

They were transported home in cardboard boxes in the back of the car. When they were let out in their new garden home they had an almightly fight as they got to know one another and started to establish their pecking order. This resulted in a few bloodied feet, who knew chickens could be so vicious! They spent the rest of the day exploring their new surroundings and as we weren't sure if they would find their own way to bed in their 'chicken palace', we had fun trying to catch them and put them in for the first couple of nights.

Next time we'll introduce you to our 4 different breeds. Have you got chickens at home? Where did you buy your chickens from? Did they fight when you first got them? We'd love to hear your chicken tales!

Becky x

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  1. What an adventure - buying chickens at a market in France! I used to have three chickens when I was still living with my partner and they ended up on my blog as well :) They were stubborn and didn't like producing eggs in winter, no matter what I fed them. Eventually, one of them decided she'd lay and egg every now and then, but she'd also like to give me a good old peck whenever I went to collect it from the coop ... who knew hens could be so temperamental! So lovely to find your blog :)

    1. It's certainly a great adventure for the kids. We didn't have any pets back in London so having chickens here is a lot of fun and something we dreamed about for ages. We've had them for just over a month now and one of them has just started laying which is just so exciting! No idea which one put hopefully she'll encourage the others to start too.

  2. Ahhh, chickens. I will have a big back yard one day and chickens galore. Sounds like they all have lots of personality. :)

    1. You don't need a huge amount of space to keep chickens! We've certainly contained them as we don't want them eating all the veg we're growing. They do have huge amounts of personality though. It hasn't taken them long to go from running away from us to pecking our feet as soon as we enter their run!


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