Keeping Chickens - Building them a home

When we lived in London we had a dream that one day we would keep chickens. We had a small back garden that would have been sufficient for 2 or 3, and I spent far too much time lusting after Omlet chicken houses (I'm still lusting!) and looking at chicken keeping courses. For some reason we never bit the bullet and turned our dream into a reality. Now we're in France however there's no excuse, and last month our 'Keeping Chickens' adventure started with Andrew building a chicken house.

We are sharing the responsibility of keeping chickens with our neighbours. Designs had been drawn on paper, materials sourced and bought, but it was clear when building started there was a slight 'make it up as you go along' approach! The house was built to fit the roof, two pieces of corrugated iron. 4 nesting boxes with a flap were incorporated so we can access the eggs, a perch installed for them to sleep on, and the door doubles up as a ramp so the chickens can make their own way to bed. The floor is removable so that we can access the inside for cleaning. The whole house is raised off the floor on stilts giving them a completely dry area where their food can be kept and where they can shelter when it rains. Andrew has now painted the outside green so it blends in a bit more with the garden. Overall it's a pretty good design and really well built!

The first time I saw it, it was clear that this was not a chicken house, but a chicken palace! It's far bigger than it needs to be as we are only intending on getting 6 chickens. But too much space is always better than too little so we knew at least it would be comfortable for them all. They have a good amount of space to exercise their legs in which is shaded by trees and fenced off from the rest of the garden.

Look out for our next 'Keeping Chickens' post soon when we finally get some chickens!

Have you built your own chicken house? We'd love to see pictures of any chickens homes you might have!

Becky x

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