Cherry Picking

Our neighbour across the road has a cherry tree. I'll be honest, I don't actually think I've ever seen a cherry tree before, as really, where are you going to find one in the middle of London? Reuben and Jacob definitely haven't and as soon as Reuben was shown the ripe red fruits dangling from the branches all he wanted to do was go and pick them. So at the weekend our neighbour let the boys loose on the tree and helped them collect a fair amount of fruit.

The boys took it in turns to climb the ladder and pick the cherries. At one point Reuben ran off to his bedroom to gather all his toy kitchen pots and pans to fill! We decided to collect enough to make a batch of jam and the following day I de-stoned 1kg of cherries which then got boiled to a pulp along with jam sugar. The first try failed as the jam didn't set. So it was back to the pan, this time with the juice of a lemon which worked a treat. We made five pots which we shared with our neighbours.

Are you growing any fruit or veg this year? What have you been picking recently?

Becky x

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