Cariadon Eco-Friendly Bath & Beauty Products

I recently came across a new blog called This Enchanted Pixie written by Polly, a home-schooling mother of three living in North Wales. Whilst browsing her blog I discovered that Polly has created Cariadon, a lovely line of eco-friendly bath and body products. I was unable to resist the delicious sounding products and placed an order for the Coconut and Cherry Almond lip balms, and the Vanilla, Rose & Patchouli solid perfume stick.

Jacob and I eagerly await the arrival of the post lady on many a morning. I have discovered the joys of online shopping as shops around here are just not the same as the endless choice of London, so little parcels (along with much larger ones...usually satellite dishes!) are often delivered to the door. The Cherry Almond lip balm is by far my favourite and I look pretty ridiculous after putting it on as I scrunch my lips up to my nose because it just smells divine! The Coconut lip balm has been stolen by Andrew and I am yet still to find it! I'm not usually a perfume person but the solid perfume stick is so handy to carry around in my bag. I just need to make sure I read the label first so as not to mistake it for lip balm (which yes I have already done a few times!)

Do check out the lovely Cariadon store and Polly's blog and let us know if you're a fan of any eco-friendly products too!

Becky x

(I have not been paid to say any of this stuff...I just really like the products!)

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