Worldwide Culture Swap - Parcels from America

We've already shown you what we sent around the world in our Worldwide Culture Swap packages. The first two packages we received came from North America. The first, from Southern California. The family included a little information pack about who they were and where they lived. There were two children the same age as Reuben and Jacob and the 4 year old boy, like Reuben, had a love for Thomas the Tank Engine. There was a picture of him surrounded by his train collection which Reuben was very impressed by. There were postcards of Southern California, pictures of transport trucks (especially for the boys as they're transport mad) and an American flag. It didn't take long for the boys to tuck into the sweets (the Butterfinger chocolate bars being a favourite) and start colouring in with the magic paint book (no paint...just use water!) It was such a great first package to receive and it got Reuben excited about where the other packages might come from and what they might contain.

In our second package from North Dakota we received all of the above...another American flag (our collection is growing!) a jigsaw puzzle, sunflower seeds, brochures of the area and more sweets. A keyring with sunflowers, a fridge magnet, and a piece of dried wheat which Reuben thought we could turn into weetabix! The package was another lovely insight into a part of the world that we previously didn't know anything about. It was interesting to receive two packages from America showing two different areas on the same continent. It can be easy to think of America as a whole but each state can vary quite a bit.

Our final two packages were from South Africa and Spain which we will tell you about soon!

Have you taken part in the Worldwide Culture Swap? What did you receive in your packages?

Becky x

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