Worldwide Culture Swap - Our Package

You may remember that we signed up for the Worldwide Culture Swap, a cultural exchage programme where you're teamed up with families around the world and you all swap packages sharing information about the country you live in. We were excited with the idea of receiving parcels from around the world, but first we had to put a parcel together showcasing our little corner of France. So what did we decide to put in our package? All of this...

We put together a little booklet with information about our family and our move from London to France. It also contained fun French facts, pictures of our village and popular French food, and a list of French words that the families could learn. We also included a bookmark with the French flag and colouring pages of the Eiffel Tower, a postcard from the area and leaflets of local activities. We bought little French books from the supermarket and filled little bags with French sweets. The French flashcards came from Little Bilingues (which you too can download for free!) and a copy of the The Quercy Local would give them an insight into the English community in area. We sent some Euro coins, stickers, and a CD of some of our favourite French songs.

It was great fun to put together! Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as we will let you know what we received from America, South Africa and Spain! If you're interested in signing up to the programme you can do so here.

Have you taken part in the Worldwide Culture Swap? What did you send in your package?

Becky x

Culture Swapper


  1. That's a great idea! Would love to know what parcels you will receive... And I'm glad you put little bilingues flashcards in your parcel, thanks :-)

    1. You're welcome Judith! It is such a great idea and Reuben really has enjoyed it. I'll reveal over the next two weeks what we got back in return and we will definitely do it again at some point!

  2. Great package! We are looking forward to doing our cultural swap as well - it's such a great idea!

  3. Wow Becky!! What a great package- I can't wait to see what the other family thinks, and what you'll get in return!!:)

  4. I want to do one now! !


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