Spring Plant Fair in St Antonin

Despite glorious sunshine all week the rain fell on Sunday for the Jardin Noble Val in St Antonin. We went to the same fair last September and next time it's on, if you're in the area, I thoroughly recommend going as there is a lovely display of flowers, fruit and veg plants, ornaments for the garden, and local produce.

With wellies on feet and umbrellas in hand, Andrew was on the lookout for tomato plants, and I wanted flowers for the boxes outside our house. I favour the pinks and purples when it comes to flowers though the bright colours of spring were all around us. We resisted a fig tree (we really don't have the space) and other fruits to concentrate on vegetable starter plants. As well as 4 varieties of tomato plants Andrew also got aubergine, courgette and chilli plants. We currently have seed trays all over the house containing sweetcorn, beetroot and peppers ready and waiting for the right moment to plant outside.

What will you be planting in your garden this year?

Becky x

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