Singing with the Voices Choirs

Who would have thought that 9 months into living in France I would be singing into a microphone on stage in a local theatre, with a choir that I only joined 4 months beforehand! Last month I gave you a brief introduction to the Voices choir that I joined in January. On the 19th April the three Voices choirs all performed a concert in the theatre in Villefranche. The adult choir that I'm in sang 6 songs: Ma Révérence, Skyfall, California Dreaming, Barbara Ann, Armstrong and my new favourite, Petite Marie. All the three choirs got together to perform 'We Will Rock You' (which could have done with slightly more rehearsing but I think we just about pulled it off!) at the end.

We were all pretty nervous before going on stage but by the end we were buzzing as it was such fun, and we would have been quite happy to go back on stage and do it all over again! At the very end of the concert a video was shown of the teen choir recording Beau Malheur. You can see the video here and I do recommend that you have a quick look as they all have really good voices! Our next concert will be in June as part of the Fête de la Musique, a festival which takes place all over France.

The concert had a small write up in the local paper, at the bottom of which you might notice my name. Why? Because I have been asked to head a new adult choir from September which I am really excited about! It's early days but I'm looking forward to choosing the repertoire and I already have one person interested! I'll keep you posted about all the developments.

What have you been singing recently?

Becky x

Picture of the three choirs on stage singing 'We Will Rock You' taken from here.

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