We're In Living France Magazine...(again!)

You may have read back in January that our blog featured in the 'Découvrez’ section in the February issue of Living France Magazine. This month we have made it in again, or more specifically...I have made their 'Letter of the Month!' Turn to page 18 of the April 2014 issue and you can read me gushing about how wonderful life in France is and see a picture that I took of Najac.

The lovely surprise that has come from writing this letter is that we have won a free return crossing from Calais to Dover courtesy of MyFerryLink! This will save us debating over how we would get back to the UK when we decide to return for a visit. Reuben and Jacob have flown over to France and been in the Eurotunnel in the past, but we have yet to ferry it across the Channel as a family. It will be a wonderful experience for the boys who love all forms of transport and Reuben is already looking forward to the trip!

Let us know if you pick up a copy of Living France April 2014 issue and what you think of my letter!

Becky x


  1. Congrats! You haven't been here long but are certainly making a name for yourselves...!


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