Recording Adele's 'Skyfall'

Yesterday was Mother's Day in the UK, and despite knowing I could have stayed in bed and had breakfast brought to me (which would have been great especially as we lost an hour with the clocks jumping forward) I sneaked off, while the boys slept, to a recording studio near Limogne to do some singing.

I joined the Choeur de Parisot back in September but in January I joined another choir, the Voices Choir based in Villefranche. The two choirs are a complete contrast as whilst the Parisot choir sings Mozart and Rachmaninov, in the Voices choir we sing 'California Dreaming', 'Barbara Ann' and French favourite 'Petite Marie'. There are three Voices choirs, the adults, the teens, and the little 6-10 year olds. If you visit the Voices website you can hear some of the recordings by the younger choirs. The time had come to add a recording by the adult choir.

And that is how I found myself in a recording studio on a Sunday morning singing Adele's Skyfall into a microphone. With headphones on it quickly became apparant that it was difficult for us altos to listen to each other and the music so we ended up recording individually. I had such fun and it was all over far too quickly. I listened to a bit of the sopranos singing their part before heading home to excited boys who had prepared a lovely lunch for me with flowers on the table and homemade cards! Andrew would have loved the studio, it's the kind of place he would get lost in for hours. Though I would probably join him as it's been a while since we've made music together. We have a small music set up at home and this session has put me in the mood for writing music so watch this space!

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all the mums in the UK! I'm looking forward to the next Mother's Day in May which is when the French celebrate!

Becky x

The poster above is for the next Voices concert on 19th April in Villefranche. Do come along and support us if you can, it should be a good show!

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