Multi-Coloured Rain for a New Baby

We had the most exciting news last month of the arrival of a friend's baby. (Congratulations!!!) I met the little man for the first time yesterday and holding him took me right back to holding Reuben and Jacob for the first time (were they really ever that small!) It can be so easy to rush to the shops to buy something for a new baby. If we were in London I probably would have as let's face it, who can resist the gorgeous baby boutiques found on trendy high streets. I used to work in Notting Hill and poke my nose in the windows of Caramel Baby & Child and Petit Aime (way before I even had kids) and lust after the beautiful handmade clothes and quirky vintage style toys that looked just too good to be played with. They were both way out of my price range but sooo lovely to look at!

Here in rural France the pretty kids boutiques are basically non existant. We have a few large 'plastic' toy shops, though there is a very nice wooden toy stall that pops up the the local markets. So I decided to get crafty and make the new arrival a lovingly handcrafted gift, turning to Pinterest for inspiration where I found this...

A wonderfully colourful raincloud that I made in felt. I personalised it by hand embroidering the new baby's name on the cloud. I've made a raincloud before with the raindrops in different shades of blue and grey, but I think multicoloured drops are so much more fun. I think it's a great reminder that just because it's a rainy day does NOT make it a miserable day. Rain and miserable are often put together in the same sentence which I don't always think is very fair. We wouldn't have puddles if we didn't have rain and you all know how much my boys like jumping in puddles!

Have you made anything for a new baby before? We'd love to see pictures!

Becky x

(Petit Aime clothes picture taken from here and Caramel toy picture from here)

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