Lego Mazes

The school holidays are flying by and now that the sun has made an appearance (and looks set to stay for the next week at least) we'll be spending a lot more time outside. This week however we've done a few indoor activities to keep Reuben and Jacob entertained, from baking banana bread to potato printing, and making this fun lego maze.

Lots of people have a box (in our case a rather large box) of lego in their houses, and if you do this is a great rainy day activity. Reuben made one maze and I made a smaller one for Jacob. We then raided the marble box (Reuben kindly gave Jacob one of his to play with!) and had a go getting it from one end to the other. Reuben quickly discovered the marble would get caught in one particular corner but solved the situation by blocking it off with another piece of lego! As always the possibilities are endless with lego and you can make your maze as difficult or as simple as you like.

What was the last thing you made with lego?

Becky x

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