Cracking Open Walnuts

Whenever we're out and about, stones (and sticks) feature heavily on Reuben and Jacob's agenda. Reuben is on a mission to find the biggest one and Jacob sneaks them into his pockets, and frequently into mine. We have a pile of collected ones outside our door and Reuben today discovered the joys of painting them. He's planning some sort of decoration which involves nailing them into the wall, I'm trying to persuade him they might look better in the garden!

Yesterday, after collecting yet more stones on our morning walk I found them an activity that kept them well entertained and that Reuben asked if he could do again today...cracking walnuts open. We had a bag of walnuts under the stairs which we foraged from under the tree at the top of the village last Autumn. Both boys had a good bash at them with their stones and collected the good nuts in a bowl and threw the rest for the birds. We now might have a go at baking with them or making more of these!

What do you like to collect on your walks?

Becky x

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