Back to School Vide Grenier Find!

Warmer weather and the start of Spring means posters for vide greniers (car boots) and brocantes (antique markets) have started to appear everywhere. We went to our first one of the year at the weekend in Limogne, a lively little village with a Sunday market that we've never been to before because we usually end up in St Antonin market. I was on the look out for cupboard knobs to upcycle two chest of drawers, and tiles to go behind our fireplace, but we ended up with this...

We just couldn't resist this old school table for Reuben and Jacob! There were a few of these about but this was the nicest one we saw and we bagged it for 35€. What do you think bargain? or not? We're planning to sand and varnish the wood and will get Reuben to choose a colour to paint the metalwork. It will then become the perfect art/homework table in their room, and as Reuben's legs don't yet touch the floor when he sits down, it will last them a few years yet!

Have you been to a vide grenier or brocante yet this year?

Becky x

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