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Culture SwapperAt times it can feel quite isolating living in a small village. It's so easy to forget that there is a big wide world out there. At this time of year it can even be a struggle to leave the house. Cold wet mud and wellies, or a cup of tea and slippers by the fire? (Fire every time!) However, we want our boys to grow up knowing that there are other people out there, with different lives and experiences. Which is why in the past I signed us up for the Show Me Your Neighbourhood project, and why I recently got us involved in the Worldwide Culture Swap programme. The idea of the programme is for you to put together little parcels full of information about the country that you live in. You are teamed up with four other families from around the world and you swap parcels with each other. Your parcel could include recipes, crafts, a flag, or an insight into your day-to-day life in your country.

I'm so excited to put together the packages with Reuben and see what his idea of France is. It might be interesting for us to include a bit about our home town and country, London UK, and maybe a map to show the other families where we have moved from and to.

If you're interested in joining the programme you can do so here. There are Worldwide Swaps and US State Swaps. We've been teamed up with families living in Germany, North Dakota, South Africa and Southern California. We'll let you know what we put in our packages and when we start to receive some in return!

Becky x

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