Winter walks with Jacob

One of the great things about living here is that when we decide to go for a walk we're spoilt for choice by the beautiful countryside we're surrounded by. It may still be winter but when you have kids it's important to get them outside whatever the weather. Today the sun was trying to make an appearance through the grey rainclouds and after a morning of playing, reading, and stopping Jacob from pouring his drinks all over the floor and smearing lip balm all over his legs (I wondered why he was so quiet!) I decided to get us out for a walk.

I may find walks in the warm spring/summer sun more appealing, but Jacob is at an age where he still enjoys jumping in puddles, sticking sticks into mud, and pointing out every cow/sheep/chicken that we come across. We were recently shown a walk by a neighbour which takes us out and around the village, through a dirt track, past a stream, up a hill, and ends up by the car garage at the entrance to the village. Here Jacob enjoys a stop to look at the battered old cars used for parts or awaiting a little love.

At each point along the route you can turn and look back on the village, which you realise is actually quite high. Unfortunately on this occasion the sun failed and we were caught in a hail storm which resulted in me having to carry Jacob back home. We were offered a lift as we entered the village but I assured them we were 'pas loin'. The kindness of French strangers!

Where do you like to go for a walk?

Becky x

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