Where's the BBC gone?

There's been a dramatic change in Andrew's working life the past couple of weeks. Thanks to recent satellite changes, the majority of the English population in our area (and believe me when I say there are a lot of English expats living in this corner of France!) have lost their BBC channels, and Andrew is helping them to get them back. As far as I understand it all, UK channels are being switched over to a new satellite with a narrower range more focused over the UK. For those of us in France it means unless you have the right sized dish (over 80cm) pointing in exactly the right direction, chances are you will have lost some of your BBC channels, with more channels to be lost at a later date as they switch over too.

Andrew has gone from being sat in front of the computer and jobs on the ground to climbing people's roofs to realign or reinstall satellite dishes. I didn't think too much about it until I accompanied him on a job yesterday. There he climbed onto a ladder perched on some stairs and on reaching the top exclaimed 'the tiles are a bit slippery.' At this point I of course said he should come down but he carried on and shuffled himself across the roof to the satellite dish perched on the corner. I had to sit in the car at this point. I know he knows what he is doing but that doesn't make it easier to watch! My heart skipped beats as he started the climb down, legs dangling off the roof as he couldn't see the top of the ladder as a guide. The picture above shows Andrew working in the glorious sunshine, but recently we have had far more rain than sun, and he has been working just as hard in the rain as in the cool February sunshine!

All this extra work may be taking him away from family life but it's the best kind of publicity he can get for his Media Man business. It's getting his name out there and he's picking up other jobs along the way from building websites to piano students for me.

So if you're local and in need of having your satellite checked, check out Andrew's website and give him a call!

Becky x

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