Upcycling Tin Cans

I'm at the point where I'm starting to think more about what we use and throw away as a family. I'm a huge fan of Pinterest and enjoy browsing through ideas of crafts we can do with the boys. Before placing things in the recycle bin my mind is wondering...could that water bottle be a rocket? Can we make something other than dragons with egg boxes? Could that glass jar be turned into a candle holder? (The answer is yes to all of those questions!)

We have pens, crayons and pencils floating all over the house. So for my latest crafty project I decided to upcycle some tin cans into holders using nothing more than glue and scrap fabric. This project was inspired by this post on the fantastic new blog Wonderthrift. An inspiring site for all things thrifty and eco that I thoroughly recommend checking out.

I had some fabric from a bundle bought from Fabric Rehab, used decopatch glue to stick it to the can, et voilà! Another simple but oh so useful craft that took minutes!

Have you upcycled anything recently? We'd love to see pictures!

Becky x

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