School Holiday!

The holidays have begun which can only mean one thing...we have two weeks to entertain two little boys who have way more energy than us grown ups will ever have!! Here in France the holiday breaks (apart from the loooong summer break) are all two weeks long, unlike in the UK where half terms are only one week. The weather has been a bit wet recently and if it continues it will mean lots of indoor activities. I will be relying heavily on all the great ideas I've found on Pinterest, recipe books for baking, and empty cardboard boxes that seem to be delivered almost daily containing Andrew's satellite bits! But we will also be getting out and about as we have a chicken coop to build in the garden, an indoor play centre to visit in Montauban, and as we've had such a mild winter we quite fancy a day trip to find some snow! We'll let you know all that we get up to here, and we'll be posting pictures of what we make on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

How do you keep your kids entertained in the holidays?

Becky x

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