Rainy Days

It's was a stay-in-the-house-by-the-fire kind of weekend. The rain has been a non stop drizzle. The boys had a brief splash in a puddle moment on Saturday but other than that we were in the house playing, crafting, painting and watching films.

We made dragons out of egg cartons for the upcoming Chinese New Year. All was going well until Jacob decided to suck his finger which was covered in paint. Andrew and I then frantically tried to wash out his green mouth with baby wipes before he swallowed too much. As you can imagine this was not to Jacob's liking and he started crying and rubbing his eyes while his hands were still covered in paint, it was a total mess!

Last week I was taught how to crochet and I am well and truly hooked! In two days I made a pair of hand warmers and a headband. I'm now scouring the internet for patterns and yarn as my next project will be a blanket. It's the perfect craft to do whilst sat by the fire on these long winter nights.

The kids watched Turbo, Cars, and the Gruffalo after reading the book. For the grown ups...What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Zero Dark Thirty (accompanied by the most delicious pastries from our local bakery. Why have we taken so long to sample them?!) The rain looks set to hang around this week so the fire is on and the paint crayons are at the ready!

How do you keep children occupied on rainy days?

Becky x

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