Hello! We're back! We hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday period and are ready for what 2014 may hold. We're kicking off the New Year with a new series called 'Introducing...' We're getting to know so many people in our new life in France we wanted to introduce some of the people we meet and find out all about their life in France. We're also aware that since starting this blog we haven't really introduced any of us, 'La Famille Brown', properly! So here is our first post Introducing...Jacob!

Today, 2nd January, Jacob turns 2! It is amazing how time seems to go so much more quickly with your second child. I'm so grateful for the vast amount of pictures and videos we have taken of him over the past couple of years to remind us of his journey so far. Jacob is loving his new life in France. He has mummy and daddy on call and gets to play with his brother's toys all day. He gladly eats fresh market vegetables, saucisson, and cheese (he eats Camembert by the chunk!) He's growing up a little wild as he prefers barefeet to shoes, is drawn to water even if it means climbing into a fountain or splashing in that massive puddle, and he has little idea of the difference between a road and a pavement, not helped by the fact that the road and pavement are one in our villlage.

I love this period in little children as they are so fully aware of what is going on around them and can now really start to expres themselves as they pick up new words by the minute. His English language has developed so much over the past month. It's as though a tiny switch suddenly flicked on and he suddenly gets the whole concept of words and speaking. We are interested to see how his language does develop as people have told us that as he is so young he may end up speaking better French than English. By September 2014 we're hoping to get Jacob into school with his brother Reuben, we think he will enjoy the interaction with other children after so much time in adult company.

Jacob's favourite films are Cars, Cars 2 and Turbo! His favourite song is 'Wheels on the Bus' which he makes us sing everytime we sit down to dinner. In his world it is forever 2 o'clock (the only time he knows how to say!) and he loves jumping, especially on a bed. He will have no memory of his life in London but we want him to grow up knowing that it is as much his home as France will ever be.

Happy Birthday Jacob! Here's to your next adventurous year!

Becky x


  1. Ah, he's a sweetie. Love those eyes. Happy birthday little one.
    Nice to meet you a new reader.

    1. Welcome to the blog! Thank you for reading. Those eyes are great but he's learning how to use them and gets away with a lot!

  2. What a cute little boy! Happy birthday to him once again!


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