International Book Giving Day 2014

Many of you know February 14th as Valentine's Day, but did you know that it is also International Book Giving Day too?

When we moved to France we brought over soooo many books with us. We have enough children's books to almost start our own English language children's book corner in our local library! I find it hard to part with books, but if I know they are going on to a good home it makes the process of letting go slightly easier!

We have decided to celebrate International Book Giving Day in a couple of different ways. We will start by going through our book collection and deciding which ones we no longer read. I teach a pre-school music class in a nearby crèche, and in our local library to mums/dads and babies. I have decided to give an English language book to the French crèche, and organise a book swapping session between the parents and babies who attend my class in the library. The class is a mix of English and French families so I'm hoping for a selection of both English and French books to swap. And who knows, there may be books left over that families may be willing to donate to the library!

There are so many different ways of getting involved if you are interested. Just visit the International Book Giving Day website and have a browse. Let us know if you plan an event or simply give a book to one you love!

Becky x

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