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Living in a small French village can at times make the conveniences of life in London seem a million miles away. We're still getting used to heating our house with a wood burner instead of the luxury of central heating, and we keep forgetting to bake bread on a Sunday evening to make up for both village bakeries being closed on a Monday. One thing we have always taken for granted in the past is fresh clean water from the tap. Generally, our tap water here is fine. But after it's been raining for a while our water ends up looking like this...

(Sorry, that's the best picture I could get to try and show the contrast...water is so hard to photograph! The water on the right is basically yellow.) A man from the water board was round not too long ago and when we raised the question of the colour of the water, he shrugged his shoulders and said ' has been raining'. There was apparantly nothing that could be done. So on days like today, when it has been raining on and off for at least a week, we're on bottled water.

We're certainly not going to complain. When Andrew and I first met we spent 3 months in Ghana with VSO. Andrew spent his days travelling to rural communities to help build local wells to make water more accessible for people, who previously had to walk miles to their nearest water hole. We count ourselves lucky to be able to turn on our taps and be able to drink what comes out...even if it is yellow!

Is your tap water safe to drink?

Becky x


  1. I chucked when I read this post - as rain is definitely a problem for us too. Not so much the water (we are within city services & water) but our septic!! When if rains, even a little it doesn't drain well - so the toilets don't flush well and start gurgling!! We have a submerged pump that helps some..but you can only leave it on for about 20 minutes or it will burn out. So here I sit...after a week plus of RAIN - turning this stupid pump on and off throughout the day! Rain, rain go away...I know what you mean as we are renting this house and the owner has had repair men, and insurance agents here to assess the situation and nada...nothing apparently can be guaranteed to work..or so the French say... Have a good week. Enjoying your blog.

  2. Remembering holidaying/camping in Derbyshire as a child where the water came straight off the hills. There was always a brown tinge and we boiled before drinking. Waters good to drink in SG so long as you've a resonably new properties, some of the old pipes can contaminate the water. We're lucky ��


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