Country Life

Yesterday we had a real 'we're living in the country' moment. We were visiting friends who live nearby in a little hamlet and have a daughter the same age as Jacob. After a hearty homecooked lunch of sausage and mash (all smothered in gravy of course!) we went for a walk to take the kids to see a small herd of cows in the dairy farm down the lane. It took us a good half hour to get to them however as the little ones found two of the muddiest puddles and proceeded to spend a good half an hour jumping in them.

I love how children can find pleasure in some of the simplest things in life. With huge grins on their faces they jumped, ran, and splashed their hands in the puddles. This was fine until, to my horror, Jacob decided to stick his finger in his mouth after dipping it in the water, pull it out again and exclaim 'mmm...tasty'! He'll either end up in bed sick for the next few days or have built up his immune system to withstand anything! All the puddle jumping unearthed the longest worm I have ever seen in my life. The toddlers crouched down to have a good look before returning to their wet muddy mess.

We did eventually get to the cows where Jacob got up close and personal, but it was short lived as they found another even bigger puddle to wade through. By the time we headed back to the car both toddlers had water in the wellies and sodden trousers...but they were happpy!

When was the last time you jumped in a muddy puddle?!

Becky x

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