A Sleepless Night

Do I seem tired today? Well that's because Andrew I spent what felt like the majority of last night trying to get Jacob back to sleep after he woke up at least 3 times and wouldn't go back to sleep for hours. When Jacob turned 2 we decided it was time for him to share Reuben's bedroom. We tried this when we first moved to France last summer but he kept waking Reuben up. When Reuben starting school we thought it would be best to have Jacob back in our room so that Reuben could get the rest he needed for long days of playing and having fun!

I can honestly count the number of nights I've slept through since Reuben was born on one hand. It's one of those things that I've come to accept as a parent. Andrew and I both believe in co-sleeping which we have done with both boys since they were babies. We would get them to sleep in their cots and when they woke in the night, if they wouldn't settle back in their beds, we would bring them into ours. We would then spend the night on the edge of the bed as we were kicked, poked and pushed around by a small person commanding what was once our space. I didn't mind it so much when they were little, but Jacob more recently was finding his way into our bed every night, and he wasn't happy unless his head was right in the middle of my pillow, and my arm was underneath him for security. This meant I was well and truly ousted from my place and I'd wake up falling off the bed with a dead arm. It was becoming so routine something had to change.

The main challenge in putting both boys in the same room has been getting them to fall asleep. The first night I read them a story, turned out the light, and naively thought I would be able to leave them to settle each other, with Reuben being the big brother showing Jacob what to do! Ha! They jumped on the beds, hid under the covers and threw their teddies to each other. The next day we tried plan B...audiobooks. Now they listen to Tony Mitton's 'Amazing Machines' (Jacob's choice) or Paddington Bear (Reuben's choice) but one of us usually ends up sitting in with them listening until they both eventually fall asleep.

The secret to getting them asleep quickly and increasing their chances of staying asleep is simple...have the most active day you possibly can so that when they go to bed they're so exhausted they struggle to keep their eyes open! And on that note...Jacob, let's go for a run!

Becky x

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