A Cake for Kings!

Well the Christmas break is well and truly over! The tree is down, Reuben was back at school this morning, Andrew is back to work with all things media related, and I'm at the computer planning lessons for my English class in Cahors. However, before we say a final goodbye to the holiday period there is one last celebration...Epiphany.

Here in France they celebrate Epiphany with a 'Galette des Rois', the 'Three King's Cake', a traditional cake made with puff pastry and a frangipane filling. They are sold at this time of year in bakeries and supermarkets all over France and we bought our first Galette yesterday in St Antonin. Inside every Galette is a 'fève', a trinket or token. Traditionally this would have been a bean, but today they tend to be figurines made from porcelain or plastic. The cakes also often come with a crown as it is said that whoever finds the token gets to be king for the day!

We ate our Galette yesterday as Reuben spotted it and there was no way he was going to wait another day to eat it. I had read about the frangipane filling and was surprised to find that ours contained apple, mainly due to my lack of reading the label on the box! It was however delicious, and we managed to eat the whole cake, bar one slice, in one sitting. Reuben found the fève on his first bite and we now have a little figure of..wait for it...Radagast from the Hobbit! I thought it might be something more like a religious figurine but Reuben was happy enough thinking it was Father Christmas! Reuben was reluntant to wear the crown but Jacob has had fun wearing it today!

Happy Three Kings day!

Becky x

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