6 Months Today!

It's official...we've now been here 6 months! This time last July my dad drove us from London to France, the boys and I squashed in amongst boxes and boxes of our stuff! It was a shame that we didn't make the journey with Andrew who had to work until August, but he soon joined us and we began our new family life here in the Tarn-et-Garonne region of France.

At first it felt like a holiday. We spent August surrounded by family and friends as we had fun at festivals, took part in our annual canoeing trip and celebrated Reuben's 4th birthday. We made crafts to keep us cool, bought a car, and saw a cow that thought it was a horse! When September arrived everyone left. Reuben started school and our thoughts turned to work. We had never been in France from September before so we were entering new territory, but there was still so much to keep us entertained. As the tourists left the villages came alive with seasonal festivals and the weather was still warm enough for us to enjoy picnics by the river.

In October we celebrated Halloween with a family feast (complete with snails, witches brew and pumpkin cake!) and I had my first experience singing the French National Anthem. Before we knew it we were celebrating our first Christmas and New Year in the village with family and friends! In 6 months we have started new businesses, we've made lovely new friends, and we're spending more time together as a family. We have things that we want to achieve over the next year and we're looking forward to sharing all our stories with you. Thank you to those of you who follow our blog and a big welcome to any newcomers. Your comments are always appreciated and we've enjoyed getting to know some of you through social media. Our advice to anyone thinking of doing a similar thing to us...Go For It!!

Are you planning a big move this year?

Becky x

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