Tree decorations - 12 Days of Christmas

In the 'Famille Brown' household the Christmas tree always goes up the first week in December. I was getting worried as I hadn't seen any for sale until the day before we went to buy one. A tent appeared outside our usual supermarket and I have no doubt we were some of the first in there. We have now decorated our biggest (but cheapest) tree, and yes Jacob has already pulled it over once! Here are some of our homemade family decorations that adorn it's branches.

Salt Dough Decorations
When I came across this recipe for salt dough decorations on The Imagination Tree I knew I hade to make some with the boys. I cannot believe that we have not made salt dough before, it's so easy to do with kids and the possibilities are endless. Our cutter selection is pretty small at the moment so we ended up with stars and gingerbread men and I couldn't resist a teapot! We painted them and covered them in glitter for that Christmassy feel. (Note Andrew's lovingly painted Santa and snowman, who knew he was so artistic!)

Felt & Paper Decorations
The inspiration for these felt baubles came from issue 33 of my favourite craft magazine Mollie Makes. I got my sewing machine out to make felt ones covered with scraps of fabric, beads, sequins and charms leftover from our wedding day favours. (I knew I didn't throw them away for a reason!) We also used the shapes to cut out paper ones for the kids to decorate. You can download the bauble patterns here.

Carton Stars
I love these! Instead of throwing your drink cartons into the recycling bin cut them up to make stars that can be hung around the house. Cut the top and bottom off the carton. Then cut what's left into 8 pieces of the same size and cellotape together. We kept ours simple and left them as they are but we did wrap tinsel round one to put on the top of the tree. They could be painted and decorated to make them even more colourful.

One for the grown ups!
We've shown you before what you can do with wine bottle corks, and now here's what you can do with beer bottle tops...snowmen! I used a nail and a hammer to make small holes to string 3 together. Cut out 3 circles of white paper and glue inside. Draw a face on the top one and buttons on the second, and I couldn't resist a bit of glitter to make them sparkle on the tree!

We have also added popcorn on string as we're not huge fans of tinsel, coloured baubles, and all of Reubens's decorations that he has made at nursery over the past couple of years. Our wreath is currently hanging on the inside of our door as it's so pretty and the village is so quiet I don't think anyone would see it! What decorations have you been making this year? We'd love to see your pictures!

Becky x

Come and follow our Christmas Pinterest board for more decoration inspiration.

La Famille Brown


  1. I would love to see a picture of your tree. Where did you buy it and how much did you pay? We often get ours at Ikea, but no tree yet this year.

    1. Will try and post a picture soon! I find it quite hard to get a good picture of the tree showing the lights and all the decorations. We got ours from our local E.Leclerc supermarket, it cost 20 euros and is over 6 foot! (We used to pay more in the UK for a much smaller tree!)


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