Markets, choir concerts, and another Christmas tree!

It was a busy weekend for the Brown Family! We began our Saturday at Domaine de Sautou's marc de Noël with our very own stall of handmade items. We had stockings, leaf garlands, bracelets, badges and tags, all handmade by moi! The market was not very well attended but those that were there made sure the market had a lovely atmosphere, with vin chaud (mulled wine) and cakes, an outdoor fire to keep us warm, and a simple communal lunch of salad, hot dogs and croque-monsieurs. We had a successful win on the tombola with a bottle of fizz and the boys got to meet Father Christmas...again! I will tell you more about Domaine de Sautou in the New Year as it is a wonderful home run by Jean-Marie and Winnie Nosal who have a charity that supports projects in Mali.

We had to rush off on Saturday afternoon as I had to drive to Villefranche for a choir concert of a friend's daughter. It was held in the Chapelle des Penitents Noirs which I had not been in before. The inside is ornately decorated and is made entirely of wood, something I didn't realise until I looked closely at the ceiling. The concert consisted of two choirs, of little ones aged 7-9 and an older teenage choir. I was impressed that all the members, even the little ones, sang all their songs by heart. There was a mix of French and English songs, traditional, pop (including Robbie Williams) and Christmas. At the end I was introduced to Julie, the conductor, and may have signed myself up for another this space!

Sunday morning we headed back to the marc de Noël (for round two of mulled wine and cake!) but returned before lunch so I could get ready for the Choeur de Parisot's first Christmas concert in Limogne. We rehearsed with the musicians in the church before a quick break (in the village bar) and then it was straight into the concert. I had volunteered to do the solo along with Karen who stands next to me for the opening carol, Once In Royal David's City. It was well attended and we get to do it all again next Saturday at the Parisot church! Back home Andrew had fun decorating the village Christmas tree with the boys and other families from the village, which I will get him to tell you about tomorrow!

What did you get up to over the weekend?
Becky x

La Famille Brown

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