Cake Pops!

Do you remember the afternoon I had making biscuits? Well this week I went back to for more but for a slightly different challenge...decorating cake pops! Cake pops have been on my radar for a while now as it seems to be a craze that has taken off in London. I follow the hugely talented Pop Bakery on just about everything (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter...) Their cake pops look just amazing, they truely are little works of art. After decorating some this week I have even more admiration for them because the whole process seems so time consuming. I have Clare O'Connell's book 'Pop Party' and I'm looking at designs for a cake pop party we're planning when all the family are down for Christmas!

Cake pops are basically a cake on a stick, like a lollipop. The cake base can be made in advance. The ones we used in the workshop were made in the summer and then frozen. The cake is then crumbed and mixed with a buttercream or ganache to give it a suitable texture so that it can be rolled into balls. The reason why making cake pops is time consuming is because every step of the way you have to chill what you've done in the fridge. Once the cake balls were chilled they were fixed onto the lollipop stick. Most in the group used chocolate to fix and cover their cake pops but I decided to mainly use this amazingly flourescent pink coloured candy melt!! The pops were put back in the fridge to chill then we dipped the fixed ball into our chosen coating. Back in the fridge and then we added another coat and decorated before they dried.

I made it my mission to decorate every pop I did differently! It wasn't hard as we had a great selection of decorations to choose from. Reuben and Jacob loved them when I brought them home and as you can imagine they didn't last long. They would be great for a kids party though are just as tempting for adults! I can't wait to make more and experiment even further with decorations.

Becky x

Big thanks again to Glynis from Cakes in France for hosting the cake pop party. You can see some great videos of Clare O'Connell on You Tube like this one demonstrating how to make cake pops.


  1. Yes, these were all the craze at the craft show in Paris. My daughter Gabriela will be getting a kit for Christmas. Don't you just bake the cake in the little molds??

    1. This was my first experience making cake pops so I haven't used the moulds before. I have seen some made in moulds but the ones I've seen have like a joining ring around the middle so you don't get a completely smooth surface, but I'm sure there are lots of different moulds out there to overcome this.


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