World Cup for Kids

I love this photo! It was taken just before we moved to France in one of our favourite parks in London, Queens Park. It was the park I grew up in as a child as we lived in a flat and didn't have a garden. Queens Park was at the end of our road so we spent a lot of time there. We bought Reuben and Jacob this giant inflatable ball and they took it for its first kickabout with their Uncle Josh. I'm entering the picture into the World Cup for Kids Photo Contest hosted by Multicultural Kid Blogs, where you can find blogs dedicated to raising world citizens (including ours!)

Uncle Josh (my younger brother) is actually going to Brazil next year for the World Cup. He's as excited about watching great football as he is about travelling to Brazil, a country I would love to explore one day with the boys. Reuben's love of football has to date been short lived. He attended Little Kickers football classes back in London and was happy doing ball exercises, but wasn't happy when they started playing mini matches against each other. Maybe he'll catch football fever next year when the World Cup starts and the cafés here in France are full of football fans. Our village does have its own football team, the pitch is just outside the village. We'll have to find out when they practice or have a game and take the boys along to watch.

This competition is open to anyone so if you have any pictures of children and football (soccer to some) you can upload them and vote for your favourites here. Good luck!

Becky x


  1. I love this picture! And I am hoping my son will catch the spirit of the World Cup next year, too! He loves kicking a soccer ball around the yard (and the house!) but so far this hasn't translated into a desire to watch a game. We'll see! And I love this photo! Thanks for submitting it to the contest and for spreading the word!

  2. Wow! I have to agree with you, and Leanna. This picture is beautiful and I love it, too! It speaks a thousand words. No need to explain anything about the picture since it speaks for itself.


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