Petrolheads at the Lac

If there are classic cars on show anywhere in our region, chances are we'll be there. The boys are just mad about cars and can spot a classic one a mile away. If you've read our 'Parisot fête' post you'll know that I've been pointing out vintage cars to Reuben ever since he was a baby in his pram, so it was inevitable that this weekend we ended up at our very own Parisot Lac for a gathering of beautifully kept classic cars. Les Petrolheads describe themselves as 'cars and people with character in the Tarn-et-Garonne'. Owners (who at this meet seemed to be mainly English) meet with their cars every couple of months throughout the summer and into autumn, and Sunday was their last meet of the season.

As at Tractomania, as soon as Jacob saw the cars he couldn't get out of his pram quick enough. He ran from car to car with a flow of 'ooh's' and 'wow's' and as you can see tried his hardest to get into most of them. Luckily, being as cute as he is, one owner kindly let him sit inside his shiny red car where Jacob sat with a huge grin on his face whilst holding the steering wheel. I was more concerned about the mud on his shoes getting on the nice clean seats but the owner didn't seem to mind.

This last gathering was another sign that things are starting to slow down in our corner of France. Parisot lake itself is now closed until next year. Many pop up shops in the area closed as soon as the last tourists returned home after the summer. The smoke is starting to appear out of chimneys as people retreat into their homes and the temperature starts to drop. This week Reuben starts back at school after his two week Toussaint break, and after the fun of Halloween our thoughts are slowly starting to turn to (dare I say it!) Christmas!

Becky x

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