Let's get organised!

With Christmas on its way I've already started making lists. I have at least three notebooks on the go with gift and craft ideas, and my designated craft space in the loft is beginning to look a little worse for wear. This is despite the fact that I'm still trying to find the time to actually do some sewing, but there still seems to be fabric everywhere and Halloween decorations lurking in the background. It's time to get organised.

This project took less than an hour to do but is the first step in beautifying my crafting space. We were made a lovely cork board by a family friend in London which has recently replaced our functional but plain IKEA board. I decided to take this board to the next level with fabric bought from a French brocante market last year and some twine.

I started by stapling the fabric onto the board. I could have got mathematical with the twine to make it slightly more even, but with my time limited to Jacob's nap time I wanted to finish before he woke up. And here it is! Such a quick and easy craft to do and now my lists and sewing projects can be displayed with style!

How are you getting organised for Christmas?
Becky x

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