Guest post from Grandma!

My mum has been down this week visiting from London. She reads the blog almost daily and I though she might like to do her own guest post while she was here. So I'd like to introduce you to Grandma!...

I have been invited to do a guest grandma blog post! In the summer my daughter and her family moved to our house in Parisot, to start a new life in France. When we drove back to the UK after the long summer holidays I was devastated. I had seen my daughter and husband along with my two grandsons almost every week since the much welcomed arrivals of the latter into the family, and now I was not going to see them for eight weeks. Fortunately I was thrown into my last term of work before retiring so I had plenty to do to keep me busy but FaceTime was not really enough to keep me in touch with the family in France.

The Famille Brown and TAG on-line blogs did the trick. I was able to keep in touch with what was happening in the local area and what they were up to on an almost daily basis - and I have to admit it was certainly a different life to the one in London. I am not sure about the rest of the family but I think my daughter was in her element - making and creating everything from bramble jam to Halloween monsters. She has the life I always dreamed of whilst staring out of my university room in York - fresh air, exercise and self sufficiency. The grandchildren love the outdoors and the space and, one of my biggest concerns as we drove back through France, the eldest has settled well into school. The family have made friends and contacts (thanks to the very welcoming English community, among others) and they have enough work to keep them eating!

So, would the grandchildren remember me after our first long separation? Well, I was so excited to see them I was near to tears as the plane landed and I was thrilled beyond words to be greeted by two very excited little boys who nearly knocked me over with their hearty greeting. They have woken me each morning this week with squeals and the odd cup of tea and I have loved getting involved again with everything from nappies and showers to collecting twigs and bark for aboriginal bark painting. We have practiced our Halloween laughs to greet the arrival of grandad and we have hidden with torches under the kingsize duvet. I have loved every minute and found it exhilarating rather than exhausting.

I am now not looking forward to the end of the week - apart from anything else there seems to be such a lot happening to keep people busy in Parisot, from chestnut fairs to music evenings and I love the changing face of the markets each season and see not enough of them beyond summer. This will change in December when I retire - I have plans to make sure my French is as good as that of my grandchildren and I am going to learn to cook and preserve. I just hope I can make myself useful enough for the Famille Brown to have me living next door - I can offer anything from cleaning to keeping the English going and I have an amazing selection of children's books!

Grandma x


  1. I'm confused (it happens easily) you mum says you moved to their house in France? So was it their holiday home?

  2. Yes! My parents bought the house we're staying in and the house next door (originally with a group of friends but now it is owned by just them) when I was about 7 years old. This has always been our home away from home as I have been here almost every summer holiday since then. We have taken over the smaller of the two houses and when they come over they stay next door.


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