As a mum of two boys I have accepted the fact that I won't be splashing out on a beautiful dolls house, or taking them to ballet classes. I'm trying very hard to learn to love 'rough play' (it's important for their learning of boundaries) and even when they are not around I notice every train, plane, and motorcycle that passes me by. Living in the countryside tractors have become part of daily life, they're in the fields, on the roads, and on occasion drive past our house. Jacob screams with excitement every time he sees one and so when I saw the above 'Tractomania' event advertised I knew we had to go.

On arriving at the market square in Caussade we were immediately greeted with a display of beautifully shiny classic cars. Jacob exploded with screams of 'wow, wow, wow' and wriggled to be let free from his pushchair. There were cars on display, cars for sale, tractors new and old, and an old steam train which every so often let out a very loud 'whoo whoo'. There were car bonnets being opened and 'oohs' and 'ahs' from those (mostly men) standing round, and motors in motion gathering lots of attention. An aeroplane propeller caught Reuben's eye and we got an insight into the inner workings as we watched it turn round...and round. For those of you who worried about the health and safety of our boys when I posted a photo on Instagram recently of Andrew showing them how to light a fire, here there was an 8 year old blacksmith giving a demonstration in forging iron.

We looked around and thinking that was it headed off to find a quiet spot for a picnic lunch, and that was when we stumbled across the 'mania' in Tractomania. Stall upon stall of...stuff. Tractor parts, lights, bulbs, wheels (small and giant), tools, nuts and bolts, some new, some vintage. Some amazing old rideable toy cars and tractors that I kept steering the boys away from as the one Reuben did see he wanted straight away. We then we reached the tractors on auction, ready to be bought for use or added to a collection. By this point it was still lunchtime so most of the stall holders were sat with friends having a meal, huge sausages were being cooked on a BBQ, and bottles of wine were being opened.

The event was a good start to the Toussaint two week break, and being in a farming area it is obvious that an event like this draws in a good local crowd as well as those from afar. I may not have been too fussed about the tractors but I did love seeing the vintage cars. Andrew had a good look around the stalls and had his eye on a few chainsaws for all the Winter wood that needs chopping. The boys loved it and I'm sure it won't be our last Tractomania experience!

Becky x

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