Reuben's first French birthday party

This week we experienced our first French children's birthday party. It was for a little girl the same age as Reuben who is in his class at school. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, and I wasn't sure what Reuben would think of the whole experience. In the past he has been a bit funny about large groups of children and group activities. Luckily there weren't too many kids at this party and nothing was expected of him participation wise!
Reuben being pushed by the Birthday Princess!
We arrived...early as usual. We're never quite sure how long it will take us to get to places here so we leave early and always end up arriving on time...way before everyone else. A few other kids arrived, all from Reuben's school, so he was happy to recognise some faces. After a quick play they were ushered to the table where there was a spread of 'bonbons' (banana and Nutella in pastry shaped like sweets,) cannelés (a small French pastry,) and Capri Sun. A cake, made with more Nutella, was brought out and the mother apologised as although the little girl was 4 she only had 3 candles. We sang 'Joyeux Anniversaire' (Andrew hummed and Reuben pretended not to know the words) and then it was present time. The little girl loved our present, a little tea set found in a craft shop in Cahors, and it went very well with her chef hat and apron that she received from someone else. She proceeded to give everyone little cups of tea until another girl broke one of the spoons and it was put away to be glued back together.

Reuben takes to the mic
The kids were then left to play and they were quite happy on the bikes, singing with the microphone, catching butterflies out of Elefun's trunk. Even Jacob enjoyed being pushed around on a car by older children. I was impressed with Reuben's socialising skills, even if he didn't understand anything. Andrew and I tried our best to socialise with the grown ups. We managed to start a few conversations but quickly got lost as we failed to keep up. We left after a couple of hours with two screaming boys who didn't want to leave the party!

Hopefully having attended the party it will mean a few more nods at the school gate as we will now recognise some parents. We also know how to plan Jacob's party in January (just after everyone has recovered from New Year) and will be stocking up on some jars of Nutella!

Have you been to a birthday party recently?

Becky x

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