Letters from London

I love receiving letters. I love receiving parcels even more. Since moving to France we have received more parcels than we ever used to receive in London. Granted most of them are from my mum! (Usually containing our favourite magazines!) Reuben received his birthday presents in the mail and we had a nice housewarming gift sent to us in the Summer.

I have a wonderful friend in London who recently sent me Sania Pell's beautiful craft book 'The Homemade Home for Children'. I already had Pell's 'The Homemade Home' and had been lusting after the children's book for a while. Her photography is stunning and the craft projects are inspiring. I've already picked out a couple of projects I would like to do, a height board and a clay car garland (based on a butterfly garland in the book) for the boys' bedroom. I will also be saving any magazines I come across and looking for suitable stones to make alphabet pebbles.

Have you received any interesting post recently?

Becky x

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