Winter wood arrival

The sun may be shining this week but when the warm weather disappeared at the beginning of September we were cold! We have two options for heating our house, we can spend a fortune on electricity keeping our electric heaters on, or we buy wood for the wood burner. Having not used a wood burner before, when the cold spell hit we thought we better test out our fire lighting skills and found some old wood down in the cellar. I think it had probably been there for years as some of it burnt like paper. The time had come for us to source some wood.

Some of our French neighbours recently had their winter wood delivered. When it arrived Andrew was invited along to negotiate getting some for us. (I was busy biodancing with Reuben.) Having not bought wood before we were totally clueless as to how much we might need. Andrew took a look at how much our neighbours we're getting, thought it looked like a good amount, and said yes we'll have the same. We were sold wood by weight, though everyone we spoke to spoke in cubic metres. Either way it didn't help me understand how much we might need! We ended up with about 1520kg for 148€.

When it arrived this week on the truck it seemed like a lot. The truck parked outside and dumped the wood on the road. Reuben was most impressed by the pistons lifting the truck! Then it was all hands on deck to get the wood into the cellar. Only time will tell as to whether we bought enough. We'll let you know in the spring, and at least we have a back up if we run out!

How will you be keeping warm for the winter? 

Becky x


  1. Hi Becky
    We had some wood delivered last week but we are sure it is less than it should be and also very scrappy - luckily we had only ordered 1 stere.
    As we live just over the road from you it would be useful to know the name of your wood supplier as it looks like you have got a much better deal, could you let me know contact details thanks Sue Carter

  2. Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. If you send us a message to I'll email you the number.


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