No such thing as bad weather

Jacob quite happy wearing his coat and wellies,
in the house, all day!!
Before we moved to France we were told about how lovely and mild the weather would be in the autumn. I had images of us going to local markets and still being able to sit outside a café in the October sunshine, drinking our grand crèmes and eating croissants we had just bought from the bakery. There was even a story floating around about a family that once had Christmas dinner outside!! Well...I don't believe it. September arrived and the sun just ran away. We have a week of rain ahead of us. The duvets, winter boots and coats are out, and as I write the fire is blazing. It's cold, and yet I can't begin complaining as I know when winter hits it will get a whole lot worse. My uncle was out in the summer and he said something that is going to become one of my life mottos...there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. So true.

Looking at all our wardrobes now I know how ill equipped we are for the cold weather ahead. Reuben is already complaining about the cold mornings so an order is being placed this week for slippers and dressing gowns, jumpers, trousers and vests, wellies and raincoats. I'm even looking at hats, gloves and snowsuits (do you think the boys would look cute in matching suits? Daddy says no!) They are all coming from Next as I have yet to find here a good value children's clothes shop (remember these clothes will be worn by Jacob in a couple years time) and they do free delivery even to France.

Andrew meanwhile will have to wait until October to get his winter wardrobe as for some reason he decided to leave all his trousers (bar two pairs) and jumpers in a box in London. My dad has kindly said that if he gets cold he can borrow some of his clothing from their house next door. I know some people say you marry your dad but this is taking it a bit too far!!

Becky x

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