Parisot fête

Fireworks at the lac
Parisot fête, or Festi'lac as it's known round here, always takes place the first weekend in August. We haven't done it properly since having kids as we don't have the confidence yet to take them to late night events such as fireworks (Reuben hates loud noises) and communal meals (they just don't sit still so we end up eating in shifts.) This year however I managed to make it to the fireworks. We arrived and did the very English thing of finding our spot and laying down blankets and fold up chairs (everyone else just sat on the floor,) and then it was off to the bar for drinks. We caught the end of a concert on the big stage before a 'Grands Show de FMX' or freestyle motocross show, where three men on bikes jumped off a ramp and performed a stunt before landing on a mud pile opposite. The only thing running through my mind was how long before Jacob would be doing something like this? He's a bit obsessed with motorbikes/bikes and here all the kids drive mopeds at 14...eek!

Our vide grenier find
After the bikes they let off a firework to let us know the show was about to begin so we hurried back to our blankets. It was good, though I've seen better at the lake in previous years. At one point I became preoccupied with a couple in front who for some reason had brought a dog with them who was obviously terrified. He was jumping around and trying to escape every time a firework went off.
On Sunday we walked down to the lake again, this time with the kids, for the vide grenier (car boot) and marché gourmand (food market.) There are always great bargains to be found at a vide grenier and we came away with some lovely spice racks and plant pots for outside the house.

The highlight of the day though had to be the 'Cox 'n' Burn' meet of classic cars and campervans. I love campervans and I am determined to see that one day we own one. I have transferred this love to Reuben as I have been pointing them out to him since he was born. Jacob also loves anything with wheels. There were some beautiful ones all polished up for showing off. As we entered the lake they were all driving off for their cruise around the area, beeping their horns as they went past and Reuben and Jacob waved them off!

Becky x

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