Our little Dacia Sandero

We have a car!! Which is both exciting and terrifying! Andrew has only just passed his test and I haven't driven a car for 2 years, and a manual one since I passed my test 10 years ago! We have a little Dacia Sandero, advertised as the 'spacious car that wont break the bank!' It has been bought new as second hand cars in France are expensive and with a new car we get the guarantees and the safe knowledge that we wont have to buy another car for a while. We wanted to get the car whilst my parents were still in France so that my dad could take us out on practice runs before they left. There was a slight worrying moment as every Renault garage seemed to have trouble getting the car that we wanted until October. Dad rang numerous garages to try and track one down, at one point we were considering a road trip back to the UK or even Belgium, until he found Anthony in Montauban. He said he could find what we were after so a road trip to Montauban it was, and Jacob came along for the ride.
A car showroom is a dream for both our boys. Jacob thought every car was a 'cool car' and he enjoyed getting lost inbetween them and climbing in some, until he got bored and started rolling about on the floor. Anthony spoke good English which was helpful as we were struggling to understand the 477.63€ charge for 'total supplements' (what exactly did that include?) I won't go into the nitty gritty of car buying in France (unless you want me to) all we needed was a copy of my passport, proof of address (or in our case a signed letter from my dad to say we were living in his house,) and lots of signature signing. They then sent us our carte grise by email and this is what we took to get our car insurance from the bank. Then it was back to Montauban to get the car. The initial plan was for 4 of us to drive to Montauban so that Andrew could then drive back with my dad. As it happened 3 of us ended up in Montauban to try and register our businesses and we made an unplanned stop at the garage on the way home. The car was ready but we thought we wouldn't be able to take it as we had left the insurance at home. This was no problem Anthony said and the next thing we knew we had the keys in hand and it was ours to take! Somehow I ended up in the driving seat for the drive back home with Andrew as my passenger. I wasn't used to changing gears, kept veering a little too much to the right, and was so relieved I didn't have to do any hill starts because I would have felt sorry for any car behind me. But I did it! I can't have gone too wrong as it was a straight road all the way home, and the only time I stalled was back in the village when a scraggly looking dog got in front of me and couldn't decide which way to go. 

So now the adventure really begins as we now have the freedom to roam the roads of France! If you want to chat about buying a car in France or have any car stories to tell, comment or get in touch!

Becky x

See a short video of Jacob finding 'cool cars' on our Instagram page

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